Essentials - Mobile Preset Pack - $35

The ESSENTIALS Preset Pack contains all 4 of my favorite presets. This pack is very versatile from muted to punchy tones and soft to hard lightings. Mellow - moody, HONEY - clean, FILM - Warm, film finish look, Classic - soft, balanced black & white. Save $10 by purchasing this pack rather than individually. :)

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These presets are not meant to be a 'one click' preset where you apply it and you're done. Each and every photo is different depending on your camera settings. So, photos may need to be adjusted once applied.


Lightroom Mobile App


These preset files are DNG. These will work for the Lightroom Mobile app regardless of the update.


All sales are final, digital products are not available for return or refund. Please make sure your Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile are optimized and up to date before purchase. Any unauthorized distribution of charischeungpresets is prohited and will be met with legal action.