My name is Charis and I am a portrait photographer based Los Angeles. With 5 years of experience, trust me, I've been through all the struggles within editing and achieving the look I aspired to create. From countless mistakes, trial and error, and changing my editing style over and over again. The perfect edit doesn't come overnight. So, dont worry...I totally feel through your frustrations... BUT I am here to help!

Upon many requests, I've decided to share 4 of my most ESSENTIAL presets with YOU starting at only $10! These babies are VERY dear to my heart and have been polished with care and dedication. REMEMBER: invest in your passions in order to improve and learn. You will not regret these presets as they are top quality.

So... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Download them and get started on your photography journey! I want to see the photos you create, so feel free to hashtag #charispresets

Good luck and enjoy :)

Xoxo, Charis @charis.cheung